A solid new piece from ATTIC is on the way

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Creating pieces with longevity is at the core of our design process here at ATTIC. Early on, we decided that if a piece wasn’t going to withstand the test of time, then we simply wouldn’t make it.  A lot of precious resources go into manufacturing the things that fill people’s worlds, and so at ATTIC we are always asking ourselves what we can do to tread a little more gently.

One of the ways that we decided to approach this was to design objects that will continue to be worn, used and loved for generations - to essentially make things with the future in mind. From a wide refined gold band, to classic pair of stud earrings, we are always considering how to give a piece of jewellery the longest life possible.  

We can’t unravel whether it was our obsession with lasting objects, watching the Toronto Blue Jays in the Word Championship Series in 2015, or playing famous toothpick chewer Drake on repeat in the studio, but either way, last year there was a convergence that inspired us to make a solid gold toothpick.

In its contemporary form, the wooden toothpick is simple and functional.  It is this very simplicity, combined with its long history of use that captured our curiosity. For the last months, we’ve been in the studio prototyping and developing ATTIC’s version of this universal tool.


Our solid 14k gold toothpick is coming soon, so if you or someone you know is a toothpick aficionado or a simply a lover of fine objects, then stay with us - it won’t be long now . . .



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