A treasure for your 5th pocket

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When we started to design ATTIC’s 14k gold toothpick, we knew that it needed to be able to easily travel with you and to stay tucked away in a safe place.  We decided to sit down with with Joey Tanner at The Standard of Quality to see if he could craft us a tough little leather travel pouch that could take care of your toothpick for you. Joey is a belt and bag maker in Toronto who meticulously hand makes each of his pieces in his studio.  Joey worked with us to create a toothpick pouch that will fit perfectly into that mysterious fifth pocket in your pants - You know the one, it’s that rarely used pocket, whose purpose evades most of us.  Measuring 2” x 1 1/4” our black leather toothpick pouch slides easily into your fifth pocket, your wallet, or any pocket for that matter so that it’s always on hand.

ATTIC's solid 14k gold toothpick is inching closer by the day, so stay with us. In the meantime, if you want to brush up on your toothpick history, read our blog post about the the history of precious metal toothpicks here.







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