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We were lucky enough to recently connect with Stephanie Trendocher, founder of Beaux Mondes, a gorgeous lifestyle blog full of enviable goodies. Stephanie interviewed ATTIC, covering all kinds of ground including what our creative process is like, how we help represent our clients' personal style, and of course what it's been like to build ATTIC.  
You can discover more of Stephanie's beautiful realm, including her full interview with ATTIC here.  Thanks so much Stephanie!


What brought you together to launch ATTIC? What has the experience been like building a brand together?
Susan:  After studying at George Brown we worked in the industry separately, but still kept the dream alive. Finally, 8 years after our first day meeting, we decided it was time to either give our dream a go or stop talking about it. By that time, the concept of ATTIC had evolved and been refined into something that we both thought the industry needed. And so we jumped in.

Melissa: Building ATTIC has been a lot like designing and making a piece of jewellery. We started with a concept, a brush stroke - and then we continually refined that idea until we were ready to jump in and get our hands dirty. The only difference between the design process and building ATTIC is that we will never necessarily be finished. ATTIC will never be a perfectly polished piece, all wrapped up in a grey suede box, because ATTIC is a is a living thing.

Can you share a bit about your creative process?
(Susan) Melissa and I have a similar design aesthetic, but it’s not identical, so the collaborative process is really what develops those design ideas into something that is truly ATTIC. With a new piece we always ask is this simple? Does it have classic qualities? Will it last? Would we wear this? If the answer is yes, we start prototyping.

As jewellery designers you create both your own collections as well as custom designs. How do you work with clients to represent their personal style?
Listening is the most important part of custom work. People don’t always know exactly what they want, but it’s our job to figure out how to transform their ideas into a functional and beautiful piece of jewellery. You get to know someone through the process -- you find out what’s important to them, what the purpose of the piece is, and what they like and don’t like. It can kind of feel like mind reading sometimes, but there is nothing more satisfying than being able to take someone’s concept and turn it into a wearable piece that they’ll cherish forever. It’s pretty amazing, and an honour to get to do this for our clients.

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