ATTIC’s gold toothpick - a playful gift

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ATTIC’s gold toothpick is a playful piece for someone with a sense of humour who can appreciate a well crafted object.  It is designed to function as both adornment and a tool, so that you can skewer a martini olive with it, untangle a knotted chain, or simply sit and ponder life’s mysteries with it between your teeth. 

If you are looking for something just a bit different, ATTIC's gold toothpick makes a great gift for someone remarkable in your life – a best man, a new graduate, or someone generally heroic in your eyes.  And, if you happen to have someone in your world with a thing for toothpicks, then you are really in luck.  

ATTIC's 14k gold toothpick launches October 4th, 2016. One more sleep, and it's yours.


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