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The ATTIC Unions project is a series of photographs shot by photographer Lauren Kolyn, in collaboration with four couples that have worked with ATTIC to create their wedding jewellery.  Shot on a single roll of film over the course of a few hours, the goal of the project was to capture those beautiful unfiltered moments between two people in their shared world.

Every single day we are struck by our clients’ gestures of love. This is our ode to them, to you, and to unions of all kinds!  

A special thank you to our couples, and to Lauren Kolyn for her soulful work on this project!




How did the two of you meet?

S: Katherine messaged me on a dating site. I had seen her in my scrolls and searches, but because of the age difference, I didn’t really think I had a chance. It was funny to find out she didn’t think she had a chance with me. Katherine had the best smile. I asked her for a drink and then we only spoke and texted to coordinate the details. We went to Bellwoods Brewery for our first date. I would say I knew I was a goner the moment she walked up to me on Ossington. And didn’t want her to leave when she got in the cab. But I also didn’t want to exhaust her with my enthusiasm.

K: It’s true, we met on the internet. I was “there for a good time not a long time” type of thing. But Sarah caught my eye and I too thought I had zero chance. She told me she was pretty swamped as she just returned from a solo trip in Scotland so I acted cool. None of three bars we chose for drinks were open so we ended up at Bellwoods Brewery. We sat outside on a crazy warm fall evening in November. The rest, they say, is history!


Was there a specific moment when you knew you wanted to marry this person?

S: I drove Katherine home one night after a date. We lingered in the car for a bit and said goodnight. I went home. I messaged her and drove back to her place. That is when I knew, I didn’t want to be without her again.

K: I can’t say it was one moment. I think I knew when I met Sarah I was in, but I definitely wanted to take the time to make sure. I would agree that the moment Sarah’s describes didn’t hurt.


How did the proposal go down?

S: I had tried to make elaborate plans for proposing. I had tried to think of so many different and overly clever ways of asking Katherine to be my wife. I was thinking about getting a boat, renting a gazebo space, or buying out a restaurant. In the end, I did the goofiest thing of buying her a favourite pair of sweatpants and hiding the ring in the pocket. I took her to dinner in Rosseau. And after dinner, we sat outside, and I handed her the sweatpants. She said yes. It was a silly thing, but it really was how we are. I had been hanging onto the ring ATTIC had rebuilt from Katherine’s grandmother for months and I just wanted to ask. Katherine proposed to me over coffee in bed, I think she wins on proposal goings down.

K: I knew it was coming and I was totally pumped. For Sarah I definitely wanted to surprise her and definitely wanted in to be in the morning. Susan designed exactly what I had in mind and I knew it was totally Sarah.


What song did you pick for your first dance?

S: We didn’t have a dance at our wedding. But we did have “I Belong to You” by Brandi Carlile as the song that played right after we were married. Anyone who knows me wouldn’t be surprised by that pick. But if you listen to the lyrics, they are poignant.

K: We didn’t have dancing at our wedding. We had a giant feast! The very first course was  a raw seafood platter.


Has being married change your relationship?

S: For the first month of our marriage, we were apart. Katherine was in Singapore. Now that we are back together, I think what we have found is that our relationship gets stronger and deepens. We just want to hang together.  

K: The week after our wedding we were the most relaxed with each other I think we’ve ever been with each other. Nobody expects anything from you on your honeymoon. We played scrabble and ate afternoon tea and had spa treatments for a few days. We definitely just want to hang together and that hasn’t changed.


What was it like being photographed together?

S: A bit strange. There is an intimacy a couple has that no one outside the relationship ever sees and the photographer was trying to capture that. There are small things that we do all the time that the greater world wouldn’t notice that are huge to us – a small touch, eating together.

K: I now have an appreciation for anyone who is vulnerable in front of a camera! I love Sarah but can be private, it was definitely an experience.


What is the best advice about love that you’ve been given?

S: My mom always told me – “life gets hard, so be with someone that is going to be in not just the good times, but the hard times of illness, lost jobs, lost family and downtimes. Love needs to be in the tough moments. She also said, ”remember the good stuff in those hard times.

K: I don’t think anyone has given me advice about love… which explains some things haha. I wish someone had told me to just listen to myself in love. It’s really not that complicated in the end.



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