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ATTIC Unions | The project

Over the coming weeks, we be releasing a very special, and heartfelt project that has been in the making for the past few months.

The ATTIC Unions project is a series of photographs shot by photographer Lauren Kolyn, in collaboration with four couples that have worked with ATTIC to create their wedding jewellery.

Shot on a single roll of film over the course of a few hours, the goal of the project was to capture those beautiful unfiltered moments between two people in their shared world.

Every single day we are struck by our clients’ gestures of love. This is our ode to them, to you, and to unions of all kinds!  

A special thank you to our couples, and to Lauren Kolyn for her soulful work on this project! 


Simran + Doug


How did you two meet?

D: We met at a very unclassy bar in Ottawa. I was there as a wingman for a friend and she was doing the same. Grease lightning came on and before you knew it, sim and I were dancing. The night ended with her throwing my phone down the street...

Was there a specific moment when you knew you wanted to marry this person?

S: I don't know for me if there was a specific moment. Our love grew and evolved very naturally and we took some steps very quickly, and then took some time on others. I do think though, some of the moments where I have known for sure that he was the one I wanted to spend my whole life with, were the moments when he's challenged me. I don't take no for an answer, really ever, but having him push back to support me at being the best person I can be, is something I respect a lot.

D: I was head over heels on day one. We had an instant connection and could just talk forever. I knew pretty soon into the relationship.

How did the proposal go down?

S: It was perfect! It was my grandparents’ 50th Wedding anniversary and we were headed to India the following day for a big celebration. We were downtown Toronto, about to see a Stars show, and he did it in our hotel room. He made a few 'Doug' jokes but all I can remember how big he was smiling the whole time. It made my heart swell. I proceeded to hyperventilate (even though I knew it was coming) and grab the ring out of the box and put it on my own finger. We floated through the city that night, completely elated.

D: Looking back I could have done this alot better - so I'll keep it pretty high level. We got engaged the night before we left for a trip to India with her parents. After I proposed, we went to a Stars concert!

What song did you pick for your first dance?

D: We picked 'my favorite book' by Stars. I'm a big fan of Amy Milan - think she has a great voice and I really enjoy this particular song.

Has being married changed your relationship?

 S: It has. I mean day to day our life looks pretty similar, but there's a deepness that is hard to describe that came after the wedding. Having all your favourite people in one place, witnessing the union, was incredibly humbling and brought our relationship to a new level.

D: Not very much at all. We've been living together for almost 6 years, so we were already used to each other's quirks and quarks. The one thing that has changed is the questions that our families ask us. It's gone from when are you getting married to when are you having kids.

Any advice for someone getting married?

S: From the moment you get engaged, things can be hectic. We worked with a wedding planner with was a worth every penny. Make sure you find little moments throughout the process for yourselves. But enjoy every moment, the stressful ones and the exciting ones.

D: Oh geeze... My advice would be to take a few minutes on the day of the wedding for just the two of you. Sim and I did a private ring ceremony with just the two of us (plus a photographer and two videographers who I had just met that day). It was really nice to say our vows, have a glass of bubbly, and let what has just happened sink in.


What is the best advice about love that you’ve been given?

S: Learning to love oneself is paramount. Once you have learned to respect and love yourself you welcome and are able to give love is a much more meaningful way.

D: I'd say the best advice I've been given is in regards to love languages. Not everyone gives or receives love in the same way. You need to make it personal.

A little thing that we do before bed every night is tell eachother three reasons why we  love the other today / what you are grateful for today. Really helps to take a step back and reflect on life and live on a daily basis.


What was it like being photographed together?

S: By now, we've had some experience. The first few shots are always awkward, but then it feels natural and allows us to share some really sweet moments. Although someone is there capturing the moments, it feels oddly intimate.

D: Normally, it's pretty awkward but this time was really nice. I loved the concept of the session shot in film. The photographer was able to capture us in our daily lives. There were no awkward poses - just us staying at home on a Sunday afternoon! 



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