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The ATTIC Unions project is a series of photographs shot by photographer Lauren Kolyn, in collaboration with four couples that have worked with ATTIC to create their wedding jewellery.  Shot on a single roll of film over the course of a few hours, the goal of the project was to capture those beautiful unfiltered moments between two people in their shared world.

Every single day we are struck by our clients’ gestures of love. This is our ode to them, to you, and to unions of all kinds!  

A special thank you to our couples, and to Lauren Kolyn for her soulful work on this project!




How did you two meet?

We met in the last couple months of undergrad at the University of Guelph. We happened to both be at a moustache themed house party and got to talking. We connected over a conversation about family and the former Yugoslavia (Natasha is first generation Serbian and Zack's family immigrated to Canada from Croatia after WWII) and the deal was sealed.


Was there a specific moment when you knew you wanted to marry this person?

We were in Croatia on a ferry between Split and a little island called Vis. We had an emotional talk about our future and commitment to each other. Also, it was made clear by Natasha's family around Serbia and Croatia (in a semi-joking way) that the next time we came back we should either be married or have a child.


How did the proposal go down?

Again, we were in Guelph. Visiting our friends who had just bought a house and were having a house warming party. We ended up going to a spot called the E-bar and Natasha embraced a spontaneous vibe. She just walked up to me and asked, point blank. Later that night a party ensued and we danced to a funny rock-a-billy band at the Jimmy Jazz called the Greasemarks and bought their bands T-shirts to commemorate the night.


What song did you pick for your first dance?

We didn't officially have a first dance song. But, a song that comes to mind that captured the energy of the evening because of its nostalgic and magical quality is "More Than a Woman" by the Bee Gees.

Any advice for someone getting married?

Have a really good playlist for the dance party after the ceremony. Once all the aunties and uncles have called it a night bring out the after hours playlist and really get loose, because you've put in a lot of work and you deserve it!!


What was it like being photographed together?

It was fun! A little nerve racking at first but after a couple minutes it became natural. We were happy that Lauren was shooting on film because we like the quality of film over digital.


Has being married change your relationship?

Yeah, being married has changed our relationship in a positive way. Our commitment to each other and our idea of family and community is so much stronger than it had been. I think we were both surprised by how significant the impact would be.

What is the best advice about love that you’ve been given?

See, "All I Want" by Joni Mitchell. The second verse. <3


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