Blue Sri Lankan Sapphires

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Sapphires have held our fascination over thousands of years and it comes as no surprise that they are among the “big 3” precious gemstones of choice in jewellery. They capture an aura of romance and endure the test of time, making them a worthy stone to set in a piece to wear and admire for a lifetime. 

Features and Qualities

Second in hardness only to a diamond, the sapphire is known for its durability and upholds its lustre and polish over time. These are appealing qualities that influence the designs in our newest ATTIC collection of classic blue Sri Lankan sapphire pieces that can be worn on daily while still maintaining their brilliance and ‘wow’ factor. 


While they are mined in various global regions, the sapphires in our latest collection are sourced from Sri Lanka. We work closely with our supplier to offer stones of the highest quality, and share a mutual appreciation of the gemstone’s journey.


Sapphires, named from the Greek word for “blue” are traditionally valued for this colour. However, they come in a wide spectrum of hues, which can be enhanced by undergoing treatment processes. We have loved working with some beautiful and unique untreated sapphires set in our one-of-a-kind engagement rings, however, these sapphires in our collection are heat-treated to achieve their clarity and intensify their vivid blues. In fact, much of the sapphires on the market are treated this way, and we find pleasure and value in working with both. 

The stunning Sri Lankan sapphires in our new ATTIC collection are perfect summer companions to dazzle on the daily!




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