In the name of LOVE

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With the weight of the world sitting heavy on hearts these last months, we wanted to create some pieces to help you connect with a deep and righteous kind of love - that unwavering kind of love that steadies us through the storms, uplifts our spirits, and helps us keep on fighting the good fight!

For that inspiring warrior in your life, we’ve turned our original SOLID GOLD TOOTHPICK into a NECKLACE , meant to be worn close to the heart.  To take it to the next level, have it engraved with a message, secret code or date.  

To soothe hearts and steady, we’ve created a pair of Limited Edition ROSE EARRINGS and a Limited Edition ROSE NECKLACE featuring dusty Rose Quartz cabochons set in 14k Rose Gold,  you know, to double up on it's love-power - just in case.

Known historically as the “love stone”, Rose Quartz has been used by ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian Civilizations as a talisman and protector. Quartz (SiO2) is the second most abundant mineral on this beautiful planet, so enjoy that gorgeous colour and soak up!


In case you wondering, all of these pieces of beautiful fine jewellery are ready to ship







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