Introducing ATTIC’s 14k gold toothpick

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We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our newest product – a 14k yellow gold version of the universal toothpick. From a functional implement, to an object of adornment used by famous style icons, this tool has a long history. 


ATTIC’s gold toothpick is made from durable 14k yellow gold. Each piece is hand-fabricated in our studio, from certified 100% recycled post-consumer gold that is sourced from an Ontario-based refinery.

ATTIC’s double pointed toothpick is made to travel with you.  It comes in a hand-sewn leather case that is made in Canada, and designed to fit perfectly into your fifth jean pocket, or into your wallet. We’ve added a low profile diamond-textured section to the shank of the toothpick to give you something to grip onto - a detail that pays homage to the original porcupine quill toothpicks that were used back in the day.

So why make a toothpick out of gold? We love gold because it is a resource that has always been and will always be recycled. No one ever throws gold out. Never. As a material, gold will always be captured and put back into the supply chain,  and in the case of fine jewellery - it can continue to be used, loved and passed on for generations.  









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