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ATTIC believes in simple, timeless design. Our fine jewellery is created with great care from nature’s most remarkable and durable materials, and is meant to be worn every day, for years. 


Owners Susan and Melissa met over a decade ago at goldsmithing school where they developed their shared appreciation of nuanced design and a vision to create an ethical jewellery brand. In 2015 they launched ATTIC and realized their dream.

We strive to do better - ATTIC’s jewellery is locally made, in house and in collaboration with some of the city’s best craftspeople. We source Canadian-mined diamonds, a selection of our jewellery is made with 100% recycled gold, and we donate a percentage of our revenue to social and environmental non profits. Learn more about ATTIC’s commitment to sustainability.


ATTIC’s downtown Toronto showroom and studio is open by appointment.