Jewellery Care

Your everyday gold jewellery is hard working, but like all of us, it does need SOME LOVE to keep it looking its BEST, and LASTING through the years.


From insuring your jewellery, to having your settings checked over, below we’ve compiled some quick tips for taking the best possible care of your fine jewellery once it's in your hands.  

Insure your engagement ring.  
Add your higher valued jewellery to your home insurance policy, or look into jewellery specific coverage to protect and insure your ring.  Jeweller’s Mutual offers comprehensive packages.  

Clean often.  
Keep your gemstones sparkly by giving your ring a bath with warm soapy water and a gentle toothbrush. 

Be gentle.
Take care of your jewellery by storing it gently. Remove your jewellery when showering, swimming, doing any heavy lifting.

Schedule your annual checkup with ATTIC.
Bring your ring into your favorite jeweller for an annual checkup. When you bring your ring to ATTIC, we will check over your prongs and settings to make sure that everything still looks good, and also give your ring a good clean.

If it's been over a year since you purchased your engagement ring or gemstone jewellery, it's time to schedule your annual check up

[For more information about how to take the best possible care of your jewellery, read our blog post HERE.]



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