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We pride ourselves in creating well-crafted, lasting jewellery.  By following our Jewellery Care Guide, your jewellery should continue to look beautiful for years to come. In the event a piece needs a repair, ATTIC offers a one year manufacturing warranty which covers repairs, cleaning and replacement of small stones. 

After the first 6 months of wear it is advised that you visit ATTIC to have your ring claws setting checked and your ring cleaned.  Following the first six months, annual ring check ups and cleanings are highly recommended.

ATTIC offers repair services on ATTIC pieces only, and does not work on jewellery made by other jewellers. Repairs will be quoted following an in person inspection. 

If your piece needs a repair, stop wearing it and contact us, or book an appointment to arrange your repair. 


    • Jewellery check up
    • Professional ultrasonic cleaning 
    • Prong/setting tightening
    • Small stone replacement
    • Clasp replacement + chain repair
    • Surface refinishing 


    • Jewellery inspections
    • Professional ultrasonic cleaning
    • Repairs for quoted price



Warranty does not cover stone chipping or trauma to jewellery caused by normal wear and tear.  It is advised that clients acquire jewellery insurance to protect against damage due to normal wear, as well as centre stone loss etc.

 Jeweller’s Mutual offers comprehensive jewellery insurance packages. 

Warranty does not cover jewellery set with gemstones provided by the client.  ATTIC works with professional gem-setters however, each time a gemstone is removed from a setting or set, there is a risk of injury to the gemstone.  It is advised that clients acquire their own insurance to protect against damage, stone loss if etc.