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How to find your ring size

How to find your ring size

There are lots of ways to figure out your ring size at home, but one of the best ways is to measure your finger with our complimentary reusable ring sizer.

This sizer can’t be used to measure a ring, so if you are trying to surprise someone and don't know their rings size, you might have to try to find it another way. One thing you can do is borrow one of their rings (that they wear on a similar size finger) and have your jeweller measure it. 

How to measure your ring size

1 - Thread the end of the sizer through the buckle to form a ring.

2 - Slip the sizer onto your finger. Adjust so that the ring is tight yet comfortable, checking that it slips back over the knuckle with some resistance. Don't worry, the ring sizer is easily loosened - it's not a zip tie!

3 - When best fit is achieved, read off the size indicated by the arrow. Full and half sizes are marked.

How should a ring fit?

A good fitting ring should slip easily onto your finger (without any struggle or effort) but should have a bit of resistance over then knuckle when you are removing it. When taking off your ring, or figuring out your ring size, it should should take two to three "walks" off of the knuckle. If it slips off too easily then it's probably too big!