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Everything you need to know about Antique Diamonds

Everything you need to know about Antique Diamonds

When we think of diamonds, we often picture the scintillating sparkle of the modern brilliant-cut with its flawless symmetry. But within the realm of precious gemstones lies a hidden selection - antique cut diamonds. These gems have a unique and captivating charm. ATTIC's carefully curated selection from Misfit Diamonds is just as enchanting as their modern counterparts, and we can't wait to introduce you to the world of Antique Diamonds.   

What are Antique Cut Diamonds?

Antique cut diamonds offer a glimpse into the past, back to a time before the standard brilliant cut became the industry standard. During their day, these gems were crafted using a more rudimentary approach, resulting in some having delightful asymmetry and a charming allure. This individuality makes each stone truly one-of-a-kind.

Distinguishing Antique from Modern Antique Cut Diamonds

It's important to differentiate between true antique cut diamonds and their contemporary equivalents. Antique cut diamonds are genuine articles from a past era. Modern antique cut diamonds, on the other hand, are newly cut stones designed to mimic the aesthetic of the vintage originals. This distinction allows for a broader selection of shapes in the modern category, catering to a variety of style preferences.

Unique Shapes and Styles

Antique cut diamonds typically come in imperfect round and cushion shapes, with the rare inclusion of a pear shape or rectangle. Their imperfections are part of their allure, reflecting the artistry of early diamond cutting. The modern antique category, in contrast, offers a more extensive selection of shapes, making it easier to find a unique gem that resonates with particular tastes and styles.

Sourcing Antique Cut Diamonds

ATTIC’s selection of antique cut diamonds from Misfit are reclaimed from heirloom jewelry, former estates, or acquired from collectors of antique gems. This selection offers a genuinely sustainable option for repurposing precious materials, avoiding the need for newly mined diamonds.

Old Mine Cut and Old European Cut Diamonds

You’ll find both variations in our selection, but what’s the difference? Old Mine Cut diamonds have a cushioned square shape and are known for their soft and refined antique appearance. Old European Cut diamonds, on the other hand, are perfectly imperfect rounds, with fewer and broader facets than the modern standard brilliant-cut, giving them a distinctive character, and softer glow. Both of these cuts feature truncated culets, adding to their rarity.

The Beauty of Antique Cut Diamonds

In ATTIC's collection, you'll find a diverse range of beautiful and rare antique diamonds as well as modern antique cut options. Selecting an antique diamond is an act of embracing a piece of history while enjoying the enduring uniqueness that sets them apart from the conventional sparkle of modern brilliant cuts.

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