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How to take care of your engagement ring

How to take care of your engagement ring

If you have a new engagement ring, or plan on wearing one soon, here are some pro tips on how to best care for your ring. The better you take care of your ring, the longer you will go without issue.  

Make sure your ring fits you properly

A well-fitting ring should slide on easily but take a few “walks” over the knuckle to remove it. If a ring fits too loosely and spins around your finger, the setting and gemstone run the risk of more easily being damaged. 

Book an annual Ring Check Up with your local jeweller

Ring check ups will help catch problems before they get worse. Your jeweller will take a close look at your ring and gemstone to make sure that your setting (claws, prongs, or bezel) is in good condition and still holding the stone in place correctly.

Claws can lift up and also thin over the years, so it’s important to have them looked at so that your jeweller can assess the condition of your ring and make repair or re-tipping recommendations. If you ever notice your claws catching on clothing etc, stop wearing your ring and contact your jeweller to book a check up.

Get your ring professionally cleaned

Most jewellers offer professional ultrasonic cleanings. When you come for your Ring Check Up at ATTIC, we do a complimentary cleaning while you wait. This is a deep clean using vibrations to remove the built up residue on your stone and helps dull looking gemstones sparkle again.

Keep your ring clean at home

To keep your stone looking its best between professional cleanings, and prevent residue from building up, clean your ring at home every month or more. Lighter coloured sapphires do require a little more TLC and depending on wear may need to be cleaned as frequently as every week. Clean your diamond and sapphire rings at home with a soft bristle toothbrush after a soak in warm water with a couple of drops of detergent. 

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