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ATTIC Guide to Sapphires

ATTIC Guide to Sapphires


If you’ve ever visited the ATTIC online showroom to see our selection of unique diamonds or ready-to-ship engagement rings, you might notice a fondness for that particular gem. But sapphires remain our other crush as they have always captured our attention and therefore consistently make their way into our designs. With the exciting launch of ATTIC’s curated selection of natural sapphires from Misfit, we’ll share why we love these gemstones and let you in on what to look for when choosing one for your own ATTIC ring or bespoke piece of jewellery. 

Considering a Sapphire as an Alternative to a Diamond?

Second in hardness on the Mohs Scale only to diamonds, sapphires are known for their durability and uphold their lustre over time - appealing qualities for rings that you can wear confidently every day. Sapphires are denser than diamonds and hold up to the rigours of life with the ability to absorb shock without easily fracturing. Because while diamonds are the hardest material, it doesn’t make them invincible to chipping through hard wear and impact. As the top two contending gemstones in engagement rings, it’s hard not to compare them, but we’ll share what makes sapphires so spectacular to us in the ATTIC realm. 

Open up the Creative Possibilities

Did you know that sapphires are available in not just that famous deep blue hue but in practically every shade? We love how sapphires open up creativity by bringing a design to life with colour. ATTIC is always on the hunt for those with tonal variations that give it an unexpected allure that we just can’t get enough of. They dazzle differently under sunlight and other light sources at various angles that make for a truly unique engagement ring or a lasting piece of fine jewellery. When aiming for a larger centre stone, sapphires also allow you to dream big because they’re priced lower per carat than a traditional white diamond

Take a scroll through our curated selection of sapphires to see a broad spectrum of hues with which to create your ATTIC piece. While most sapphires in the jewellery market are heat-treated to enhance their colour, our online showroom selection from Misfit also offers untreated sapphires with intense natural saturation. Our selection even includes some exquisite Parti sapphires - those rare sapphires that exhibit two or sometimes three variations of colour that create a mesmerizing kaleidoscope effect. And if you still haven’t found exactly the tone you’re looking for, contact us to source one that’s just the right shade for you. 

What to look for in a Sapphire

While a diamond’s value and quality are determined by the 4 C’s, sapphires don’t exactly go by the same rigid assessment, even though this established system has some relevance. We recommend navigating your sapphire selection process by borrowing the 4 C’s in combination with evaluating your personal preferences. Here are some of our top tips when it comes to choosing a unique sapphire with ATTIC.

  • The Right Cut 
    • Sapphires are available in the same shapes and cuts as diamonds; the round brilliant cut is the standard cut and most widely available.
    • When cut well, a sapphire will best exhibit its vibrant colour and brilliance.

  • The Colour Intensity
    • The depth of the stone will often affect the saturation of the sapphire’s colour; if a particular hue is paramount to your design, a brilliant cut will have a deeper saturation than, say, a rose-cut sapphire.
    • The more facets on your sapphire, the more they will reflect and refract light to play up the hues and tones. Therefore, a brilliant-cut sapphire will appear to have a more deep colour than a step-cut, such as baguettes and emerald cuts in the same colour. 

  • The Carat weight 
    • Sapphires are denser than diamonds, so a one-carat stone in each material will appear different in size in a side-by-side comparison.
    • Since sapphires are typically priced lower per carat than a traditional white diamond, you can dream bigger in your design.

  • The Clarity 
    • It’s normal for some sapphires to contain natural inclusions, such as trapped crystal particles in the gemstone’s formation. Still, these should not affect or interfere with the stone’s integrity.
    • Our designers and goldsmiths carefully curate ATTIC’s selection of Misfit sapphires to include quality sapphires with interesting features that lend to their overall appeal and character. 

ATTIC is here every step of the way when it comes to creating your sapphire jewellery. Contact us to request more information on any of our available sapphires, or book an appointment to get your dream sapphire project started.