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ATTIC Guide to Traditional White Diamonds

ATTIC Guide to Traditional White Diamonds

It’s no secret that we love introducing new and unique diamonds in our modern take on traditional. But did you know that ATTIC now offers more customary colourless diamonds in our online shop? If you’re in search of a classic white diamond, get familiar with our Classic Canadian Diamond Collection, or chat with our team to help curate your selection.

White Diamonds 101

Whether you haven’t studied yet or already proficient in the subject, we are here to support you at any level of your diamond-buying process. As goldsmiths and designers, we use our expertise to advise you on the best-suited white diamonds to complete an ATTIC design. Remember that we’re available for extra help, and for those who thrive on independent learning, ATTIC’s Jewel School is an excellent place to start.

The first assignment is getting familiar with the 4 C’s of grading diamonds, if not already. You’ll notice that what we refer to as “white” diamonds are in fact highly valued the closer they are to colourless. But these bright and brilliant stones are known to scintillate with flashes of white, and we want to make sure to differentiate them from our unique diamond selection.

Dig a little deeper and get to know where diamonds come from and what makes them an ideal material for engagement rings. The ATTIC approach to such a broad (and sometimes overwhelming) subject keeps it uncomplicated and helps you navigate your journey with personalized support. 

Go beyond the grades

The clearly defined standards of the 4 C’s in grading white diamonds can help you choose your stone. But it’s not just a formula of high grades to aim for. As Susan Shaw, ATTIC’s co-founder and designer puts it, “Even diamonds with the same grading can look very different when seen in person.”

To the naked eye, it seems that colour or perhaps clarity reigns as supreme ‘C’ in the decision-making, while carat weight affects the diamond size. But for us, it’s the cut that usually stands out in our process of narrowing down the best one for you. “When choosing a white diamond, we're always looking for the one with the most "life" or sparkle,” as Susan explains, “cut grading is one of the biggest factors that give it sparkle and brilliance. Whenever possible, for round diamonds, we look for a "Triple X" grading - excellent in cut, polish, and symmetry.”

We’re happy to indulge our fellow diamond nerds on this topic, but ultimately, the ATTIC experience we strive for is tailored and approachable to everyone.

Helpful homework

We love the chance to collaborate with clients looking for a diamond that exhibits the standard features we treasure them for. And when time constraints or physical distance is a factor, it’s helpful to get a head start on your exciting project. Here are some things to consider when you reach out about ATTIC’s white diamonds.

  • Figure out what shape of diamond you would want, keeping in mind that round is the most widely available and therefore has the flexibility to fulfill practically anyone’s criteria. Whereas fancy shapes (such as ovals, emeralds, and pears) are less abundant, narrowing your options further when filtering by the 4 C’s.
  • Consider your budget - big or small; it will not necessarily correlate to the size of your stone! Round brilliant-cut diamonds are the most expensive per carat, so ATTIC co-founder Melissa Gobeil recommends that “if you’re looking for a larger stone with better finger coverage, consider an oval or pear shape for more spread” as the carat weight is distributed wider in the top of the stone. 
  • Get to know the two popular diamond cuts in ATTIC’s collection and spark your imagination when you explore how to make your own ATTIC ring with any one of our fifteen setting styles. Or simply check out our ready-to-ship engagement ring selection for inspiration or examples. 

What to expect when working with ATTIC
  • Book an initial in-person consultation to discuss your preferences for your diamond.  
  • Pop back to the studio for an in-person diamond viewing based on your initial meeting and diamond selection.  
  • Each diamond from our Classic Canadian collection comes with a GIA report.

Remotely or in person, ATTIC provides a relaxed environment for you to discover just the diamond you’re looking for. Susan advises that “seeing a diamond beyond just its written specs, whether that's in person or through multiple videos and photos both under magnification and at a regular focal length, can really help you make the best decision.” So don’t be afraid to request a second angle or close-up video - we love showing off the diamonds we pick out for you! And if we’re lucky enough to meet you in our Toronto studio, we’ll get to check out your top picks and chat in person.