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ATTIC Guide to Salt and Pepper Diamonds

ATTIC Guide to Salt and Pepper Diamonds
You may have heard of these beautiful unique diamonds referred to as alternative, natural, rustic, galaxy, or salt and pepper diamonds. And if you’re already a fan of these offbeat beauties like we are, you’ll see just why they’re featured prominently in our ATTIC collection of ready to ship engagement rings.

Whether you’re into the freedom of our 24/7 virtual shopping hours, or prefer a more guided experience, ATTIC is here to support you at every step in the process of buying your unique salt and pepper diamond. Here we’ll share our knowledge and advice on choosing the right one for you. 

Features and Qualities of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Our selection of unique diamonds contain a range from the golden champagne to milky or even opalescent, but these specific diamonds we’re referring to in this guide are instantly recognizable and named for their inclusions that appear like sprinkles of salt and pepper captured within their facets. This name can also feel limiting to the wide array we encounter, because there is no formula to the ratio of S to P. 

First it’s important to know that they are diamonds with the same natural origins as your traditional white diamonds with the ideal hardness for setting in engagement rings. But they are nonconformists in a world where diamonds are valued for how close they are to flawless. So if you’re familiar with the 4 C’s, you’ll notice their very birthmarks, inclusions and imperfections that give them the character that we love often leaves them out of the clarity competition. Salt and pepper diamonds don’t often come graded with the traditional scale for white diamonds, but ATTIC offers appraisals for every unique diamond purchased with us. 

ATTIC’s Curated Selection

As trained goldsmiths, we use our background to inform us in selecting the highest quality salt and pepper diamonds that will best suit our ATTIC settings. That means choosing not only the most attractive stones, but also the ones that are cut superbly and symmetrically with nice proportions and polish to exhibit their unique attributes and keep their integrity when set in an ATTIC design. Whether you’re starting with our loose diamonds or choosing from one of our ready-made creations, you can shop confidently in our boutique knowing that we’ve done the work of assessing for quality as the first filter in your search.

Where to Start

Without the limiting parameters of searching within a traditional grading scale that leaves you looking at near-identical diamonds assessing qualities you can’t really see, consider your freedom and instincts of choosing based on what you can see. Salt and pepper diamonds exhibit such distinctive visible qualities and no two stones are exactly alike. If starting with appearance, let us know what features of these diamonds appeal to you - heavy on the salt and pepper or a lightly-seasoned stone? We’ll help you get the recipe right to narrow it down with a personalized search upon request.

But if you’re ever on a solo mission in our online shop, we advise taking a crash course in ATTIC’s Jewel School and then filter your selection for the diamond shape or cut you’re after. Think of how a brilliant-cut compares to a rosecut diamond, and you’re already halfway to creating your ATTIC ring all on your own. 

Tips for online buying and browsing

There’s no denying the value of seeing a diamond in person. But thanks to so much available technology, we can provide you with high-res images of any angle and closeups of the diamonds you’ve singled out from our site. 

Feel free to ask us to zoom in on a feature, see it in natural light, or placed on a hand for scale. Even videos can capture a diamond’s essence, and these are all reasonable inquiries that we’re happy to accommodate. 

Need more insight? Hear it directly from the source - our good friends and suppliers at Misfit Diamonds have a more detailed buying guide on how to select salt and pepper diamonds. 
We know that buying a diamond is not something you do every day. When you take on this exciting hunt with ATTIC, know that we’ll be at your side every step of the way.