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ATTIC Guide to Buying Engagement Rings Online

ATTIC Guide to Buying Engagement Rings Online


Whether you’re looking to lock down your love with an ATTIC engagement ring or marking a milestone with a one-of-a-kind surprise, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to buying your ATTIC ring online. 

This handbook brings the ATTIC experience remotely to you in an easy read with helpful tips. So make yourself at home, stay awhile, and visit us here as often as you like!

ATTIC’s Ready to Ship Engagement Ring Collection

Our current roster of engagement rings boasts the all-stars of the ATTIC team. We created these one-of-a-kind rings especially for the unique diamonds and gemstones we find ideally suited to our signature designs. 

So start with a sweep of these stunning stones that we’ve already taken care of hunting down. ATTIC’s collection of engagement rings is ready to ship within 3-5 business days for free within Canada. Re-sizing is complimentary, too - simply add a note at checkout letting us know your size. And if the ring’s not quite right, you’ll have 30 days to return it. 

Remember that these beauties don’t stick around for very long - once the ring is gone, so is that unique stone. Were you outpaced online? Don’t worry because our sold-out rings can still serve as design inspiration for you to create your own ATTIC ring. Get in touch for more personalized assistance all the way through, or read on to learn all about how you can DIY! 

Create Your Own ATTIC Ring

If ready-made is not your route, start from scratch by creating your own ATTIC Ring.  

With ATTIC, buying an engagement ring is not a hurried process. And we wouldn’t send you off on this job without first preparing your tool kit! Bookmark the links below if you need some cheat sheets, and head to Jewel School to equip yourself to get creative. 

Start with the Setting

ATTIC offers fifteen signature settings ready to come to life with your customization.  Choose everything from ring size to metal colour and karat at checkout. But first, cover your bases: 

Choose your Rock

When you’re ready to browse our Unique Diamonds to go with your ATTIC setting, let us make the selection process smoother with some guidance at your fingertips:


Like ATTIC’s Engagement Ring Collection, our Unique Diamonds can sell fast, so we recommend reaching out to us if you find yourself torn between top choices. We love to be the guest judge on your diamond competition show. 

Bespoke Collaborations with ATTIC

If you’re in search of an extra unique engagement ring that’s not available online and requires some one-on-one with ATTIC, here’s how to start bringing your bespoke vision to life remotely:

In times of uncertainty, you can be sure that whatever your angle to hit the bull’s eye engagement ring, that ATTIC is at your side at home and in real-time to help you get it just right.